ESAN Event 2016

How can the consumer voice be better heard in the regulation of essential services?

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On Wednesday 2 November 2016 over 90 delegates took part in the ESAN event looking at the consumer voice in the regulation of essential services. Roger Darlington, ESAN Chairman, chaired the meeting. The event was held at the BT Tower in central London.

Photographs courtesy of Richard Chow

A full report of the day is available here Final ESAN event paper 23 Dec 2016.



9.30 Registration/tea/coffee


10.00 Welcome and brief overview by ESAN Chair Roger Darlington

10.10 Welcome and scene-setting by  Julian Ashworth, Director, Group Industry Policy, BT Group plc

“What are the strengths and limitations of a consumer voice within the regulator?”
Sue Lewis, Chair, Financial Services Consumer Panel
Chris Holland, Member for England, Communications Consumer Panel
Keith Richards, Chair, Civil Aviation Authority Consumer Panel
Panel and discussion

Networking break

“What are the strengths and limitations of a consumer voice outside the regulator?”
Alan Lovell, Chair, CCWater
Stew Horne, Principal Policy Manager (Energy Regulation), Citizens Advice
Jeff Halliwell, Chair, Transport Focus
Panel and discussion

“What are the strengths and limitations of a consumer voice within the regulated company?”
Anna Bradley, Chair, Southern Water Customer Advisory Panel
Robert Laslett, Member, Zurich Independent Governance Committee
Claire Simpson, Director, UK Regulators Network
Panel and discussion

Lunch break (34th floor)


“How can behavioural insights help us to understand what customers want?”
Elisabeth Costa, Head of Consumers, Energy & Sustainability, Behavioural Insights Team
Matthew Upton, Head of Consumer Team, Citizens Advice
Panel and discussion

“How can consumer and citizen groups be more involved in policy development by regulators?”
Martin Coppack, Consumer Insight Department, Financial Conduct Authority
Zoe McLeod, independent consultant [on smart meter roll-out programme]
Panel and discussion

3.30-3.50  Networking break

“How can the public interest receive appropriate weighting in regulatory decision-making”?
Sharon Darcy, Chair, New Energy & Water Public Interest Network
Simon Roberts, Chief Executive, Centre for Sustainable Energy
Panel and discussion

“What is the role of different research techniques in regulatory decision-making?”
Rob Sheldon, Managing Director, Accent [on willingness to pay]
Beth Moon, Ofgem [on randomized controlled trials]
Panel and discussion

4.50-5.00 Closing remarks by ESAN Chair Roger Darlington