Who we are

Professor Cosmo Graham, Chair & Trustee

Professor Cosmo Graham

Professor Cosmo Graham

Cosmo Graham is a Professor of Law at the Leicester Law School, University of Leicester and Director of the Consumer and Essential Services Unit. He has undertaken extensive law and policy research into the regulation of essential services with a focus on the representation of the consumer interest, consumers in vulnerable circumstances and dispute resolution. He was a member of the Competition Commission from 1999 until 2008 and a member of the European Commission’s working group on vulnerable consumers in the energy sector. He was elected Chair of the Essential Services Access Network in April 2019.

Chris Downs, Treasurer & Trustee

Chris Downs took up the position of Trustee and Treasurer in October 2021. Earlier in his career, Chris worked as an economist in two of the UK’s largest trade associations, and since then in universities. Chris has been a committed educator, concerned with enabling all to access the benefits of higher study, for some 30 years. He has, in the past, taken a particular interest in financial services and pensions.

Dr Tim Dodsworth, Trustee

Dr Tim Dodsworth was elected as a Trustee in October 2022. Tim is a senior lecturer at Newcastle University Law School. His research focusses on the intersection between contractual values and vulnerability. Tim has written on the topic of underlying contractual values, vulnerability in essential services, consumer expectations and fairness standards. The most recent research project is based on identifying resilience obligations through relational contract theory in essential services contracts which could enable sustainable protection of vulnerable individuals through contractual obligations.

John Kamoto – Trustee

John Kamoto is Age UK’s Policy & Research Officer working on the charity’s Consumer and Financial Services policy. John has accumulated various skill sets through years of experience in various third-sector organisations and government bodies that align with his goal of promoting the interests of vulnerable people. He recently participated in the John Smith’s Centre’s inaugural Emerging Leaders Programme, which provided him with a placement as a Researcher at the Scottish Parliament Information Centre (SPICe) within the Financial Scrutiny Unit to expand further his knowledge of research and the parliamentary process. He is particularly interested in collaborating to develop optimal solutions to fix complex problems or lessen their effects on individuals and communities. John is also a keen photographer and enjoys doing this in his spare time.

Dr Danielle Butler – Trustee

Danielle is Senior Research and Policy Officer at fuel poverty charity National Energy Action and Trustee and Founder of the Fuel Poverty Research Network. Danielle’s work has focused on amplifying the lived experience to better understand, design and deliver effective policy, with a particular interested in energy-related advice and support and how these function as an essential element of wider efforts to tackle fuel poverty. Danielle has worked extensively with a wide range of research funders, partners and other key stakeholders including UK governments, the health sector, statutory, and third sector organisations, both in the UK and beyond. She holds a number of related external positions, including Academic Advisor to the International Energy Agency’s Task 24 on engaging hard to reach energy users.

Vanessa Goodchild-Bradley, ESAN coordinator

Vanessa has a background in Education, Environmental Policy and Governance. Vanessa edits the monthly members’ newsletter, manages membership, meetings and the ESAN website. Vanessa can be contacted by email.



ESAN is independent and funded by our members and newsletter subscribers.  Members meet quarterly to discuss issues of common concern and developments that affect vulnerable consumers in the communications, water, energy and financial services sectors. ESAN also holds occasional conferences and events that are open to a wider audience.  ESAN Members and subscribers receive a monthly newsletter. We welcome new members and subscribers!


The following consumer/voluntary organisations and individuals with specific expertise attend meetings and have voting rights:

Age UK; Auriga Services; Barrow Cadbury Trust/Fair by Design; Christians against Poverty;  Centre for Sustainable Energy; Citizens Advice; Consumer Council for Northern Ireland; Consumer Council for Water; Different Petal; Independent Age; Money Advice Trust; National Energy Action, Stepchange; Turn2Us; Vulnerability Registration Service; Zoe McLeod.

Associate members

The following regulators and other bodies attend meetings and have associate (non-voting) membership:

Financial Ombudsman Service, Ofcom, Ofwat, Ombudsman Services, Phone-paid Services Authority, Thames Water, Utility Regulator (UREGNI), Wessex Water