Changes at ESAN

esan-logo-for-postsRoger Darlington writes: “Linda Lennard has now stepped down as Chair of ESAN and, as her successor, I would like to thank her for all the hard work and wise guidance that she has contributed to the organisation over the last three years. Linda managed the transition from PUAF to ESAN with a revised remit and expanded membership and she skilfully negotiated the acceptance of ESAN as a registered charity.
I am pleased to welcome Paul Sahota as our new Treasurer/Trustee. Paul is a non-executive director at SATRO, a charitable organisation promoting science, technology and maths in schools and colleges. He is a Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute and Member of the Institute of Risk Management.
I would like to thank our former Treasurer, Neil Ritchie and former Vice Chair, Claire Milne for all their hard work for ESAN and PUAF before that. Neil was our Treasurer for several years and before that was a very valued Secretary. I have worked with Claire over many years in many organisations and I know that she never gives less than real commitment and expertise I am delighted that both Neil and Claire will continue to be part of the ESAN network.”